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pick yourself up; it's a brand new day

so turn yourself, turn yourself around

Captain Awkward
29 June 1988
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tracie is;

black. queer. feminist. polyamorous. pansexual. gender pirate (!!!). radical. femsexy. panic fan(person). gender and womyn's studies major.

i'm incredibly awkward and often speak a little too fast for my own brain. i listen to really bad music and dance like a crazy person and wear incredibly ridiculous shoes (that totally match my personality, i think). i have a tiny afro that i aspire to grow out this big. i have an intense love for irony and a strange sense of humor. i like talking about myself just a little too much. also, i love cake. and pie.


cupcakes. writing. new pens. candy. panic at the disco. shoes (esp. ugly ones). ugly scarves. neckerchiefs. womyn. love. sunshine. myself. rainbows. things that are purple. things that glow in the dark. afrocentrism. smiles. extreme self love. cooking with/for loved ones. tattoos. piercings. disco balls. sex toys (i have a problem! i admit it!). consent. vaginas. eyeliner.


linkin park. m.i.a. john legend. angie stone. prince. le tigre. sade. him. madonna. klaxons. fort minor. calvin harris. james brown. apparat. my chemical romance. india arie. 30 seconds to mars. justin timberlake. beyonce. panic at the disco. kate nash. the bravery. milosh. adele. vast. tlc. sneaker pimps. alicia keys. cobra starship. mary j. blige. lauryn hill. chromeo. erykah badu. gym class heroes. vampire weekend. matt & kim.

and let's not forget the miscellaneous hit singles by the likes of (list not exhaustive): the eagles. the beatles. the rolling stones. the shirelles. the jackson 5. the gap band. the brothers johnson. earth, wind & fire. the o'jays. chic. a taste of honey. aretha franklin. kc and the sunshine band. kool and the gang. marvin gaye. rick james. afrika bambaataa. digable planets. snap!. c&c music factory. aqua. robin s. ace of base. debbie deb. mc hammer. sir mix-a-lot. tamia. en vogue. swv. 3lw. destiny's child. n*sync. mariah carey. jennifer lopez. daft punk. missy elliot. timbaland. tupac. snoop dogg. t.i. t-pain. jamie foxx. lil wayne. akon. bob sinclair. shiny toy guns. the strokes. the vines. the white stripes. the foo fighters. the veronicas. lady gaga. britney spears. the shins. the young veins. modest mouse. natalie portman's shaved head.

shit you'll find here;

· photos of me · photos of my life · random rambles · introspective shit · obsessive rants ·


the entries are mostly public, but if you'd like me to add you, just ask. i'm cool with random adds, but it would be 79861 x better if you'd drop me a line here or on my most recent entry, introducing yourself. =)

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afrocentricism, angela davis, audre lorde, being a boss, being a southside gangsterrr, being afrotastic, being beautiful, bell hooks, black, black history, bondage, boy!love, breaking binaries, brendon urie's eyebrows, bret mikels shinoda, buttsecks, chai, chaos at the hoedown, chasin booty, chester licking the rapper, chocolate, consent, cooking, crazy feminists, csi slash, cunt cakes!, cunt merchandise, cuntlove, decolonization, dirty manipulated photos, dreams, ethnic studies, extreme self love, fanfiction, female sexuality, feminism, femsex, fighting the system, freedom?, gay history, gay liberation movement, gay pride, gender, gender and womyn's studies, gender pirates, genderqueers, hip bones, honest writing, intellectual discussion, juana rodriguez, keepin it real, knitting!, learning about the world, linkin park, linkin park slash, love, loving myself, magic, making things!, mike's lollipop, music, nanowrimo, nonviolence, norma alarcon, not eating meat, not wearing a bra, old 90s shit, old music, overanalyzing, painting, panic fic, panic gsf, pansexuality, photography, piercings, pirate!secks, porn, queer as folk, questioning morality, rainbow cakes!, rainbows, rainbowtasticism!, random acts of kindness, randomly awesome complete strangers, revolution, romance, ryan ross's scarves, ryan ross's ugly shirts, sailing the high seas, san francisco, sarcasm, scribbling in my journal, self-image, sexuality, sign language, slash, sparkling cider intoxication, stage two brad, taking photos of myself, tattoos, the l word, the vagina monologues, the young veins, trans rights, travel, uprisings, v for vendetta, vaginas, vampire!secks, vday, vegetarianism, waffles, warrick/greg, where's my compass?, womyn, writing, yaoilemonhentaislash, ♀♀, ♀♂, ♂♂